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With over 20 years of experience and over 2,000 customers AFFORDABLE GREASE PUMPING is a Leader in the industry in the San Diego Area. We offer low prices but with quality and service to which you are  accustomed. Our plant is located in the Otay Valley area. It process over 6 million gallons of grease and cooking oil per year and part of which is turned into biodiesel.

We are Green

We are a green company because we recycle our customers waste. All of  our customers are Green as well because we turn their waste into a byproduct that goes back into our community in the form of Biodiesel.  School Districts, for example, are fueling their buses with our  biodiesel.

- California Department of Food and Agriculture Renderer license number Est# IKC-10224
- Motor Carrier Permit CA #0249805
- City of Chula Vista Business License 075943
- City of Coronado Business License 008072
- City of San Diego Business  Certificate B1995010289
- Department of Environmental Health HK07-203877
- Air Pollution APCD2013-SITE-01406
- Truck Industrial Waste Generator Permit 25-0431-02-A
- Public Works Contractor Registration 1000022256 (License 606309)

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